Food Ordering App – Kotlin


Introducing our revolutionary Food Ordering App, crafted for seamless satisfaction. Users and admins enjoy tailored experiences with effortless sign-up and diverse cuisine exploration. Swift cart management, easy quantity adjustments, and smooth checkout redefine food ordering. Real-time tracking and instant receipts keep users in the loop, while admins efficiently manage operations. Profile updates ensure a personalized touch, transforming the food ordering journey for all.
User Features:

1. Sign Up and Log In
2. Explore the Food World
3. Discover Popular Picks
4. Quick Search
5. Add to Cart
6. Quantity Adjustment
7. Cart Management
8. Seamless Checkout
9. Edit Order Details
10. Order History
11. Recent Purchases
12. Order Status Tracking
13. Profile Update
14. Order Receipt Confirmation
Admin Panel Features:

1. Admin Sign Up and Log In
2. Product Management
3. Order Management
4. Payment Verification
5. Order Tracking
6. Earnings Overview
7. User Management
8. Admin Profile Update

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